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Mon, Jun. 13th, 2005, 10:40 pm
kirstian: Artfest for days 1 and 2 ^^;;

Aaaah, I didn't know there was a community until this morning, so. I'll post both what I did yesterday, and what I did today, under THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS...

DAY 1:
Just kill me now, before I hurt my brain.
And don't ask.

Brain: Too late.

DAY 2: (also, text stolen out of my LJ, because I am lazy.)
Naruto Mary Sue, Mai and Aiko, post-orig.
Naruto Mary Sue - Mai and Aiko

This one is of the girls, post-orig: they've both passed the jounin exams, the boys have both become their respective 'kages, and... the girls have stolen their hats. Because they are evil like that. (This is half-payment to chibi_tenshi24 for that other picture I haven't even started yet.)

AND. BECAUSE YES, I AM THAT MUCH OF A LOSER. I started sketching something else, really really raw, but here you go.

Naruto Mary Sue, Aiko, Mai and Naruto, AU.
Naruto Mary Sue - Aiko, Mai and Naruto
Highschool AU

This one's pose is shamefully ripped STRAIGHT and COMPLETELY from a Macross 7 image, so all credits for that go there. That's Aiko up in the front, with Mai and Naruto jamming away in the back. (And, as you can see, the sketch notes 'but where is Gaara, Lee & Sasuke?') Ah well. This is from the highschool band AU, so.

Randomly, I have no white paper. AT all. Anything I can find is already covered in pencil scribbling, so. Hahah. Oy. So you guys are stuck with this yellow and purple and flowery stationary that my boss gave me for my birthday... although I've realized, THE BACK OF THE STATIONARY, IT IS WHITE. Hahah. So.</cut>

AND THUS, THAT IS ALL FROM ME. Yay for artfest! XD

Tue, Jun. 14th, 2005 04:28 am (UTC)

Awesome! Ah, but the stationary in the middle one gives it a nice water-color type to it. tis awesome. =)