Art Fest 2005 - AKA Let's Force Ourselves to Draw!

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Welcome! angiwyn suggested I start a new community for Art Fest 2005!! If we keep this up after this week, we might have interesting contests, ect. I have a feeling I'm going to keep this up until the end of June probably and perhaps beyond? But, why do this?
#1. Frustration - Often new artists(like me) get frustrated when the art we draw isn't what we expect it to be. However, this keeps us drawing until we get something closer to where we want to be, thus, giving #2.
#2. Encouragement - By having many on here, we can give each other encouragement as we all work on the update-a-day schedule.
#3. Artist's Block - By making yourself to draw something, anything eventually you can break through artist's block. Also, seeing other's art might give you inspiration for your next day's art piece.

1. Participants are to create one new drawing a day and post them on this community. Photobucket.com is a good place to host your pictures if you don't already have a host.
2. All pictures are to be put in Lj-cuts for loading convenience.
3. Any pictures that might be considered offensive should have a warning before it.
4. Any type of art is valid, though we might run weekly "Themes" in the future that participants are encouraged(but not required) to participate in.
5. Miss a day? All well. This is just for your own benefit. Life comes before play, after all.